Our Story

Here at Outfitter Gear List, we are first and foremost, hunters, fishermen and outdoorsmen. However, no matter the outdoor activity you choose, we stand behind you. We are absolute GEAR JUNKIES and we believe in providing our customers with the best quality gear in the industry. 

Our mission is to help provide customers with gear that will help their experience be one they will never forget. From staying dry with quality rain gear to having the right set of hiking boots to prevent blistered feet, we strive to research and test the best brands in the industry and provide those products directly to you. We want to help people connect and experience the wild places. It is time to get outdoors and let the adventures begin!

Meet Our Team

Shane King
Digital Content & Marketing

As a guide and a passionate outdoorsman, Shane spends 300+ days a year in the backcountry. As an ultimate gear junkie, Shane prides himself in knowing the newest and best products to help suit outdoorsman alike in some of the most unpredictable conditions the wild can throw at us. With a bachelor’s degree in Wildlife and Outdoor Enterprise Management, Shane is well rounded all the way from managing creative content and marketing to customer service.

Cody Carr

Cody grew up in Western Montana and still resides there alongside his wife and children. Cody and Koliss Carr have three daughters; Jocelyn, Jaelyn, and Jaycee. He works each day to not only spread the passion he has for hunting to his girls but his friends and clients as well. Believing that the best way to appreciate nature is not through a book or photograph, but to actually get out and experience it.

Eric Deneault
Sales & Marketing

Growing up in Montana, Eric spent a great amount of time learning and loving the great outdoors. As Eric became aware of his interests, he began to branch out and try everything the outdoors has to offer. Eric prides himself in being organized and having the best gear in the industry. Eric also knows that having the best gear comes with trial and error and works to take that error out of your experience. He works to ensure that the absolute best gear is obtained for the best results. His true purpose is to share the best of the outdoors with others whether it be a light-hearted hunt to a challenging backcountry adventure. 

Sarah Thorne
Marketing & Communications

Growing up in West Virginia, Sarah found a love and passion for the outdoors. After graduating college with a Business Degree, Sarah moved to Western Montana and now explores the same mountains that her dad once did before her. During the spring you will find her roaming the mountains in search of a bear. During the fall she is still following behind her dad as they hunt whitetails in West Virginia and during the summer Sarah is wondering through all the wild lands that North America has to offer. Sarah offers a womens perspective at picking the right gear for your next outdoor adventure.

Koliss Carr

Koliss’s passion for the outdoors is only surpassed by the love she has for God and her family. Koliss has experienced first hand the harsh realities that come hand-in-hand with using the wrong equipment. Watching as clients return back to camp from a full day of hunting with blistered feet and broken equipment that ended up costing them time in the field. Koliss will stop at nothing, when it comes to making your dreams a reality. 

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