How it works

Our team believes that taking small actions can result in big changes to improve our communities and the outdoors we cherish. We donate a portion from every purchase to the charity of your choice.

We are proud to work with the following philanthropic organizations:

American Hero Adventures

American Hero Adventures (AHA) aims to serve those Americans who signed their name on the dotted line to serve and protect this great nation. These military, first responder, and law enforcement heroes are able to embark on international hunting & outdoor adventures of a lifetime with their loved ones- reigniting their passion toward healing and away from the struggles they face.

Big Hearts Under the Big Sky

A local Montana organization, Big Hearts under the Big Sky was started by the Montana Outfitters and Guides Association. MOGA funds fully guided and outfitted trips for children diagnosed with life threatening illness, women suffering from breast cancer, and military veterans.

Ashby Bowhunting Foundation

The Ashby Bowhunting Foundation’s goal is to provide the bowhunter with the information to achieve highest possible success rate and reduce the wound/non-recovery rate of big game to the lowest level possible. Through a program of continuing research, the Foundation seeks to find the most lethal arrow setups, considering all possible hits under real hunting conditions, and to make the results of this testing available to the global bowhunting community free of any cost, utilizing multi-media outlets for information and test results.