In this video, Eric Deneault talks about the new Equinox Guard line that SITKA Gear recently released and highlights some key features. The Equinox Guard line varies from SITKA’s other Equinox products in their whitetail line as these are treated with Permethrin. Permethrin is an insect repellent that deters bugs such as ticks, chiggers, midges, and other insects that have the tendency to pose a threat or cause great annoyance.

First, Eric goes over the Equinox Guard Hoody. The Guard Hoody is similar to SITKA’s Core Lightweight Hoody in that it is made from a very lightweight, breathable fabric and comes with a built-in facemask. The difference, aside from the Insect Shield, is the way the fabric is woven. The Guard Hoody has a very tightly knit stretch fabric that prevents mosquito bites and has a longer tail for ultimate chigger/tick protection.

The Equinox Guard Pant features zip-up side vents for added ventilation during hot days in the field. For added tick/chigger protection, SITKA has equipped these pants with an internal leg gaiter. Designed to be worn under your socks, these prevent anything from crawling up your pant leg.

The Equinox Guard Gloves are made from the same fabric as the Equinox Guard Hoody, featuring the same bite-resistant fabric, keep your hands free of mosquito bites. Trigger-friendly, it has the finger-less pointer finger and thumb so you are always at the ready.

The Equinox Turkey Vest is an awesome, feature-packed vest + pack combo. It offers a variety of things, such as water-resistant pouches for potcalls, a removable foam seat made to deploy quickly as needed, and various pockets on the pack for the necessities when turkey hunting. It also features:

  • Adjustable pack strap system offers customizable fit in sizes XS-2XL.
  • Water-resistant box call storage pocket provides a snug fit to eliminate unwanted noise.
  • Right- and left-side pockets store four strikers.
  • Versatile side pocket stores miscellaneous essentials.
  • Four internal mesh zippered pockets store tags and other small items.
  • Two deployable blaze orange flags can be exposed on the back for safety.

The Outfitter Gear List team is super excited for the Equinox Guard collection that SITKA Gear released this week. We think that this line has more potential than just Spring Turkey and Spring Bear and will be beneficial for fly fishermen this summer as well as the early-season archery elk hunter. We are excited to put this collection of gear to the rest this year; stay tuned for more field tests and gear reviews!

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