Garmin InReach Explorer+ GPS

Author: Shane King

The Garmin InReach Explorer is a must have for any person who spends a large amount of time on the mountain and out of reception. Other than owning a satellite phone, these devices are the best way to communicate back and forth with friends, family, guides and emergency services while out of cell service. Every one of us runs into a situation where service is needed and we climb to the highest peak in sight only to find out you still don’t have cell service. This is a very common occurrence when spending time in the backcountry. This is where I have found the Garmin InReach to be an absolute lifesaver. It uses satellites to communicate and send and receive text messages. You could be in the most remote locations of Alaska and still have the ability to communicate when in need or to let others know you are safe. With many other helpful functions, this device could potentially be a life-saving device.