Must-Have Sitka Gear for Spring Bear

Author: Sarah Thorne

Finding comfortable gear that gets the job done can be challenging. When it comes to hunting in the backcountry the right gear can make or break a hunt. That is why the Sitka Women’s Big Game line has some of my favorite camo pieces. They are crushing the outdoor market with their women’s line that was designed by women for women and it definitely shows in these pieces.

-Core Lightweight Crew LS

The Women’s Core Lightweight Crew LS is both comfortable and functional. This piece offers concealment when worn as an outer layer during the warmer Spring Bear temps. Designed with built in stretch thumb loops that will help keep your sleeves in place, so no need in worrying about your sleeves rolling up when layering under a jacket.

-Core Midweight Bottom

The spring season in Montana can be unpredictable. Weather can change in an instant and I like to be prepared for whatever may be thrown my way. The Core Midweight Bottom can keep you from freezing on the top of a mountain, while still being light enough to keep you from overheating.

-Jetstream Jacket

If you are on the market for a jacket that can take you through most seasons I would recommend the Jetstream Jacket. The Sitka Women’s Jetstream Jacket is a workhorse. Built to protect you from wind, morning dew, and whatever abuse the backcountry may throw at you.

-Kelvin Active Jacket

The Women’s Kelvin Active Jacket is my go to when I need to cut weight in my pack. This jacket can be used as an outer layer or as an insulated mid-layer under your Jetstream jacket. Keep in mind this piece is not made to protect you from the wind, but is great for when the temps drop.

-Ascent Pant

The Sitka Women’s Ascent Pant is ideal for warmer weather. Designed with mesh-backed pockets for added ventilation. This pant will be your go to for spring bear, summer scouting, and early-season archery. If needed a light base layer can be added underneath.

-Timberline Pant

In addition, to the Women’s Ascent Pant, the Women’s Timberline Pant is a must during spring bear. I tend to run a little cold and wear my timberlines longer than many, but they are a lifesaver and help keep me out in the backcountry longer.

Now lets talk about the knee pads. A very controversial aspect of the timberline pant, but functional none the less. I personally remove the knee pads during spring bear, but it all comes down to what you prefer.

These pants are offered in Subalpine and Lead.

Cloudburst Jacket and Pant

No pack is complete without a set of Rain Gear. The Cloudburst Jacket and Pant is lightweight and extremely packable. Built with a full GORE-TEX® membrane that will keep you dry even during the wettest of conditions. I also use this Jacket as additional protection when the wind conditions get a little to extreme.

-Stormfront Gaiter

Next, is a pair of gaiters that never let me down. Whether you are using them to keep dirt and water out of your shoes, or you are trying to keep those pesky ticks out, the Stormfront Gaiters are worth every penny. The snow is just starting to melt when the Montana spring bear season opens up and more times than none have I had to work my way down a gated road that was still snowed in. These Stormfront Gaiters are built to keep you dry and debris free.

-Ascent Glove

You need a good set of gloves for every adventure. The Women’s Ascent Glove is a lightweight technical shooting glove that is built to provide you with needed protection. This Gove comes equipped with conductive synthetic leather in the thumb and forefinger that allows you to still work devices with your gloves on.

-Bomber Belt

The last thing I can not leave home without is the Sitka Bomber Belt. This is not necessarily designed for women, but works great. This belt keeps your pants in place while also being ideal for firearm and bear spray carry. Designed with an adjustable buckle to fit all sizes.

This is a camo brand that I recommend fully.

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