Sitka Late Season Necessities

Author: Shane King

Often, we find ourselves consumed with a hunt planning for months yet to be unprepared when it comes to our gear. We as outdoorsman are pushed out of our comfort zones and our mental and physical abilities are tested beyond our norm. Whether it’s facing extreme cold temperatures or being wet from an unexpected rain or snow storm, our minds begin to be clouded by the negatives and our abilities to focus on the success of the hunt starts to fade.

Spending over 300 days a year in the outdoors I have had the opportunity to test and push clothing and gear to its limits. In preparation for most any late season hunt, below is a list of the Sitka items I trust to have with me. This list will provide you with a well-rounded layering system for late season temperatures ranging anywhere from 0 degrees up to 60 degrees, helping you stay afield longer and increasing your chances of a successful hunt. This layering system helps me regulate my body temperatures, wick away moisture and protect me from the elements.

Stormfront GTX Glove

These gloves are perfect for any late season hunter looking for both a warm and waterproof glove. They are my go-to glove when snow is present.

Jetstream Beanie

This beanie never leaves my pack as it is a necessity on those cold brisk days when you feel like your ears are going to fall off. It is built with a fleece lining and 100% windproof.

Merino Core Lightweight Half-Zip

This acts as my Next-to-Skin layer while quickly helping wick away sweat and any other moisture.

Merino Core Lightweight Bottom

Similar to the Half-Zip, the Lightweight Bottom is an essential piece for sitting down and glassing for short periods of time.

Merino Core Lightweight Boxer

These boxers are extremely comfortable and built to wick away any moisture due to high intensity hikes. They aid in regulating body temp while also providing odor resistance.

Heavyweight Hoody

This is my favorite layering piece for hiking. When the hood is fully zipped, it allows me to block cold weather and wind from my neck, face and ears.

Mountain Jacket

Built with the Windstopper technology, this jacket is ALWAYS in my pack. Whether its a slight wind or blistering cold, this piece never leaves my pack as the greatest lightweight and compact wind stopping layer.

Kelvin Active Jacket

This piece is an excellent mid-insulation layer. It provides just enough warmth when hiking without sacrificing breathability.

Kelvin Lite Hoody

This is one of my favorite insulation pieces. It is lightweight and will compact extremely well. If I am camping in extreme cold temperatures this jacket never comes off from the time, I wake up to the time I crawl back into my sleeping bag.

Kelvin Down WS Hoody

This is the ultimate down jacket. It is lightweight, packable, wind resistant and water-resistant. You literally feel like you crawled inside a sleeping bag as you can feel your body heat acting as an oven to heat your core.

Timberline Pant

These pants are absolutely bombproof, and they are my go-to pant during any late season hunt. They are built with waterproof overlays in both the seat and the knees keeping me dry both when glassing or stalking on my knees.

Cloudburst Jacket

The Cloudburst Jacket is lightweight and extremely packable. I never head up the mountain without this rain jacket in my pack.

Cloudburst Pant

The Cloudburst Jacket is lightweight and extremely packable. I never head up the mountain without this rain jacket in my pack.

Stormfront Gaiter

Ballistic Vest

This is my favorite vest for any rifle season requiring blaze orange.

Stormfront Gaiter

Whenever rain and snow are present, these gaiters prevent any kind of moisture from seeping into your boot.