Triclawps Solo Shooting Saddle

Author: Richard Powell

Through guiding, I have had the opportunity to test the Triclawps Solo Shooting Saddle extensively in a variety of different shooting situations. I can say that this is an excellent product, hands down! Most of my testing has been done during the spring bear season in western Montana. This is a spot and stalk hunt in very steep country where shots can range anywhere from 30 yards out to 1000 yards. The Triclawps shooting saddle allows for hunters to shoot from a variety of positions ranging from standing upright to laying prone. The fact that it is mounted on a tripod gives it an excellent range of motion and the ability to level your rifle when shooting on steep sidehills. My favorite positions in which to use it from first the prone, then the sitting positions. These two positions offer the most stability to shooters on almost any shot. The tripod you choose to use with your gun saddle is very important as that is where a good portion of your support comes from. That being said, be sure to use a sturdy tripod when choosing your rest. The only drawback to this shooting saddle that I saw at times was trying to set the tripod up quickly in steep terrain. It can be difficult at times, which is why I recommend a sturdy tripod. However, as long as you take the time to practice setting up your tripod or do it ahead of time, the Triclawps greatly increases your efficiency and accuracy in shooting situations. This allows you to make clean and ethical shots. I recommend pairing the Triclawps with the Vortex Ridgeview Carbon Fiber Tripod.