Advanced Portable Bike Stand

Item #: 19QKPBS

Working on your QuietKat bike is much easier when the bike is off the ground. The QuietKat Advanced Portable EBike stand is specifically designed to hold your QuietKat at a level that makes it much easier to access each component. Quickly and easily folds up for easy storage and transport. This is a professional level bicycle stand with an oversized head, and extra strong clamps to handle the weight of the QuietKat Ebikes.


Available on backorder

  • Model #: 19QKPBS
  • UPC#: 707772415796
  • 2-leg design
  • Clamp can be positioned at 5 points for easy hanging.
  • Max load: 110lbs
  • Height: Adjustable 41” to 60”
  • Will hold all QK Electric Bikes