ATX / STX / BTX Objective Module

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Item #: 488-OBJ


When quality and crystal clearness counts, the modular ATX / STX / BTX spotting scope system provides maximum functionality. The objective lens can be interchanged to compliment personal preference and a variety of hunting scenarios. The device comes in two separate pieces, the objective module, and the eyepiece module for easy transportation. The optical brilliance is based on SWAROVISION technology and enables you to see perfect details at longer ranges.


65mm objective module

The 65 mm objective module is perfect for those who want a lightweight device that offers outstanding optical performance, a large field of view, and impressive close-range focusing.

85mm objective module

With the 85 mm objective module you can be prepared for any situation. Its large field of view and zoom range enable quick and precise observation. Excellent light transmission, zoom range, and close-range focusing also make it an ideal tool for digiscoping.

95mm objective module

The 95 mm objective module offers outstanding detail resolution. This device even pushes optical tests to their limits and it is the ultimate benchmark for those who want to see even tiny details in razor-sharp focus.

Product Variant

65mm, 85mm, 95mm