Bakcou 2200 Mount GoPro Headlight

Item #: Headlight

Traveling in the dark just became easier. This Headlight will make those late night or early morning rides a breeze.


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The Bakcou 2200 headlight utilizes two Cree XM-L2 U2 LEDs as its lighting source. This headlight is recognized as one of the top cycling lights in Australia and Germany and considered to be equal in construction and performance to brands such as light & motion, Serfas, Lupine, and Lezyne. The light has four brightness levels with a maximum output of 2200lm built in a waterproof casing. The Bakcou 2200 headlight has many outstanding features including:

  • GoPro Mount compatible (use on anything you can attach a GoPro mount to)
  • quick release bracket for easy installation, totally tool-free
  • dual LED design providing perfect flood beam for mountain biking
  • protected circuit board that protects the light from overcharging, discharging, and short circuiting