Best of The West Muzzleloader


Patent-pending Express Priming System can store and feed 3 primed inserts from a magazine like a centerfire rifle.


A Side Discharge Brake directs the bulk of smoke away from the line of sight, and significantly reduces recoil. Our side brake, combined with a specially designed crown, allows the loose powder to be freely poured down the bore without falling out of the ports.

Non-Saboted High BC Bullets with a BC of ~ 0.4. The bullet we use maintains over 1000 foot-pounds of energy at 800 yards! These bullets do not require a sabot, significantly improving accuracy. 1 MOA or better accuracy guarantee.

***90 Day Lead Time***

.45 Caliber
All metal surfaces finished in Black Cerakote
System comes with:
BOTW Muzzleloader in sponge camo
Huskemaw Blue Diamond 5-20×50 scope
Sling studs
One Customized Interlocking RFBC Calibrated Turret
Breech Plug Tool
Priming Tools
Short Starter
Possibles/Field Bag
12 Powder Tubes
20 Bullets
100 Patches
10 Primer Carriers
Ammo Wallet
Breech Plug Anti-Seize
TSA Approved hard Case


NOT INCLUDED – Blackhorn 209 Powder


***General Disclaimers***

Firearms Disclaimer: You must be 18 to purchase. All firearms must ship to a valid FFL Dealer and cannot be changed or canceled after they are placed. Shipping charges for firearms are calculated separately from other products on your order and will incur a separate Per Order charge. Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska is at additional cost. Firearms refused by the FFL Dealer or which cannot be transferred due to a failed background check will be subject to a 10% restocking fee. By ordering this firearm, you certify you are the actual transferee/buyer of the firearm, are of legal age and satisfy all Federal, State and local legal/regulatory requirements to purchase this firearm.

Best of the West need a current email and phone number to contact the purchaser to coordinate FFL transfer. If the contact information is not provided or is incorrect, this may result in a delay in shipping and processing of firearm.

Federal law requires ammunition to be shipped in a separate package than the firearm. So the rifle case will NOT contain the ammunition sold with a firearm, the ammunition will come in a separate package.

Ammunition Disclaimer: You must be 18 years or older to purchase rifle ammunition. Ammunition can ONLY be shipped FedEx Ground or UPS Ground to Continental U.S. destinations with Adult Signature required. U.S. Postal Service is not available. Ammunition cannot be shipped to a PO Box; a physical address must be provided. Due to safety and liability concerns, we cannot accept returns on ammunition. Make sure to use the correct ammunition in your rifle. Ammunition will not be shipped to locations prohibited by local and state laws of CA, CT, DE, DC, IL, KS, MA, NY, OH and WA. Check local laws before ordering.

NOTE: Due to varying overall cartridge lengths utilizing high BC bullets, some cartridges may be longer than factory magazines allow.

Shipping: At this time, we are only shipping to 48 contiguous states + Alaska and Hawaii, no international shipping for either firearms or ammunition.