Item #: CB-FK

Built to stabilize hunting bows primarily using the tools and items a hunter carries.

Offered in both 5″ and 7″ models.



The Full Kit system allows you to easily adjust for any off-set angle desired, mount on either side of the riser to any standard threaded stabilizer mounting hole. This system also allows you to utilize it as a back/sidebar with the Quivalizer in the front position, then when the Quivalizer is switched to the side of bow position, the Cache-Bar can be quickly moved to the front position (using the Quivalizer quick-detach mount) to maintain the balance of the bow in either position.

The Cache-Bar is another “first to market” product from Option Archery. The Cache-Bar is a machined aluminum system, the full kit includes a canister with thread-on lid, adjustable off-set bar, and the same superior quick detach system used on the Quivalizer.

The Canister Portion is available in two sizes; 2.25″ diameter X 5″ long, and 2.25″ diameter X 7″ long.  Included is a fleece “roll-up” to ensure that the gear stowed inside remains silent at, and deadens, the shot.  The Canister can hold anything including a knife, fire-starters, paracord, first aid, tools, etc. You can make it as heavy as you want or as light as you want.

Full Kit includes the canister, offset bracket, and quick-detach components (same as the Quivalizer).

Full Kit Weight:  5″ = 10 oz,  7″ = 10.8 oz

Made right here in the USA, and has a full Lifetime Warranty

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