SITKA Equinox Guard Hoody

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The SITKA Equinox Guard Hoody prevents contact with insects in three distinct ways: limited skin exposure, bite-reduction fabric, and built-in Insect Shield. Comfortable and moisture-wicking, especially in hot, humid conditions, the hoody is made from a SITKA-developed ultra-lightweight, tightly knit stretch fabric that prevents mosquito bites. Features a breathable mesh face mask and a long tail designed to be tucked into pants for maximum chigger/tick protection.


  • Ultra-lightweight, breathable, tightly knit stretch fabric.
  • Insect Shield repels mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies, chiggers, and midges.
  • Breathable mesh facemask deploys quickly and doesn’t obstruct vision.
  • Long tail is designed to be tucked into pants for maximum chigger/tick protection.
  • YKK zippered chest pocket.
  • UPF 50+ protection; treated with Polygiene Odor Control Technology.
  • Pair with Equinox Guard Pant and Equinox Guard Glove for additional head-to-toe protection from insects.


  • Total weight: 6.5 oz.

  • Breathability: 4/5
  • Odor control: 4/5
  • Warmth: 1/5
  • Moisture wicking: 5/5
  • Fit: SITKA Equinox Guard Hoody is Performance Fit, designed for minimal layering.



Balancing the need for comfort in hot conditions with preventing contact with insects, tick and chiggers runs a fine line. A lot of existing solutions are bulky, too hot, include DEET or release smell into the environment. The Equinox Guard Glove utilizes mechanical properties to help prevent bites and permethrin built-in for the life of the garment. A specialized high-gauge textile has been both lab and field tested to reduce mosquito bites on the back of the hand where they occur most often while ensuring dexterity. Mapped abrasion resistant textile is used in high wear areas on fingers. Providing a second element of protection, the entire garment is treated with Insect Shield which Repels mosquitoes, ticks, ants, biting flies, chiggers, and midges (no-see-ums), and does not require re-application.


Weight 1.1875 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 7 × 2.5 in

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