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Lyra is a comfortable, light, and packable backpacking and camping tent, ready for warm, moonlit nights or cool, rainy ones. It is very quick to set up and take down and stows small for transport.


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The Lyra tent series is built to deliver maximum comfort, protection, and quality in a light-and-tight bundle, while remaining price and budget-sensitive. To achieve this, EXPED applied years of tinkering-to-perfection expertise in design, as well as our experience in choosing high-quality yet affordable fabrics and materials that don’t compromise performance. Tents are homes-away-from-home and are relied upon as shelter when the storm arrives, so Lyra must achieve this tricky balance while remaining a nimble, weatherproof shape-shifter, like all EXPED tents.

With its endostructure pole configuration (poles attached to the inner tent), Lyra is well suited to warm environments. The inner tent can be set up on its own for maximum ventilation and Lyra’s signature Stargazer Mode™ assures that the fly is poised for rapid deployment should it begin to rain in the night. With the fly in full-coverage Privacy Mode™, Lyra is a weatherproof haven. Key shape-shifting modes are listed below. Pole segments are unified into a continuous, shock-corded array for rapid set-up. Strong and light micro-hubs strengthen the pole intersections and eliminate wear of the fly at these critical points.

Important to Lyra’s design are its dual vestibules, providing covered space over each door for a pack, boots, and wet clothing – items that don’t belong inside the canopy with sleeping bags and dry, comfortable occupants. The doors, because they open toward the same end of the tent, create windward and leeward options. The tent can then be oriented into or away from the breeze, depending on the level of ventilation desired.

Weight 4.5 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 6 × 6 in