Outer Space lll (Discontinued)

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Outer Space is an excellent choice for families, allowing everyone enough covered space when the weather keeps them from playing in the meadow or on the beach. It is big enough for use as a car-camping tent, but light and compact for backpacking. We designed it for comfort and that’s exactly what it delivers.


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Outer Space III is a shape-shifting, multi-mode, take-anywhere tent for 3 people, respectively. Their most prominent feature, a giant, pole-supported front vestibule shelters 3 people in camp chairs, a lightweight table and backpacks – and that’s with the inner tent in place at the back of the fly area. Outer Space is designed to allow occupants to relax in a covered space in any weather while leaving sleeping gear untouched and untrammeled inside the sleeping canopy. Everything needed during a day in camp can be stored in this front porch area, out of the wind, rain, and sun. Other items, not needed at the moment, can be placed in the smaller rear vestibule. But perhaps even more importantly, Outer Space can quickly and easily adapt to the changing environment and needs of occupants. This is where these tents go the extra step and deliver options for comfort beyond standard tent designs.

Because the architecture of Outer Space is built around an exostructure™ pole configuration (poles attached to the fly), strength and wind stability are substantially increased; guylines originate from the structure. And because the inner tent remains connected to the fly when stowed, it is completely dry during set-up in the rain. The fly can easily be set up on its own, with the inner tent removed altogether or pushed into a corner at the back of the fly area, creating a very large hangout space (Party Mode™). When combined with a footprint, the fly-only option can shelter multiple people, reducing its per-person weight substantially. This rapid shifting of tent components leads to many different set-up configurations, which we refer to as modes. The key modes for Outer Space are Porch Mode™, Party Mode™, Breeze-way Mode™, and Living-Room Mode™. Click on the “modes” tab to the right for more detail.

Weight 6.875 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 6 × 6 in