Stay-Put Bonding Base SPF 30 Sunscreen

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The Sawyer Stay-put sunscreens bond to the skin in a unique way that gives you the best and most comfortable protection you have ever experienced. Think of it as a “breathable matrix”. While most sunscreens hold the lotions in the top two layers of skin, Sawyer’s Stay-put sunscreen also “bonds” the sunray absorbing agents deeper into the skin. This formula was engineered to spread the same volume of lotion over a larger cubic area of skin, necessitating less lotion, and with less sunscreen lotion per area of skin; you get a more comfortable, breathable feel


You will hardly even know you have sunscreen on. And because our sunscreen is designed to go deeper into the skin, it will be less likely to rub off during activities, unlike less effective surface lotions. Your skin has many layers of cells from the base (basal level) to the top. These cells are constructed sort of like the Grand Canyon on a micro-scale. That is how sweat can be generated at the lowest levels and pass to the top. Sawyer’s Stay-put sunscreens use special technology to bond the ray absorbing agents to the sidewalls of the canyon. Thus, sweat and water pass over the compounds without flushing them away. This makes the formulas highly resistant to deterioration due to sweating or swimming, and it is still very comfortable to wear.

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