TT 15 Mini Dog Device

Item #: 010-01486-00

Best used for long range tracking up to 4 miles away, this collar is built to go wherever your dog goes.


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Top mounted with a high sensitive GPS/GLONASS reciever, the TT 15 and TT 15 Mini dog devices use 18 different levels of continuous and momentary stimulation for track and training modes. Built fully rugged and water-resistant up to 10 meters, the track and training dog device collar is tough enough to go wherever your dog takes it. The TT 15 is fully capable of tracking your dog up to 9 miles away, while the TT 15 Mini is capable of tracking up to 4 miles away. The stimulation features can be set seperately (low, medium, high) within a predetermined stimulation level (1-6), whereas linear stimulation allows progressively more stimulation levels from 1-18.

Weight 0.158 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 × 4.5 × 7.8 in